Building Virtual Worlds
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Building Virtual Worlds
Low-Polygon 3D Modeling
Spring 1998

I took the "Building Virtual Worlds" course the first time it was offered at CMU, during my final semester. I took on the role of a modeler in the course, creating low-polygon 3D models for use in desktop and immersive virtual environments.

I used 3D Studio MAX 2.5 for modeling. The models were later digitally textured by "painters" and brought to life by "scripters." One of the early environments I helped build was an artist's studio which led participants into a virtual version of Salvador Dali's famous "Persistence of Memory."

Another world I helped build was a virtual "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood." Field research for this environment involved studying episodes of the PBS television show, and visiting an exhibit at the Pittsburgh Children's Museum. I constructed digital versions of various locations on the show's set, including those listed below.

King Friday's Castle with Trolley Track

Daniel Tiger's Clock

Lady Elaine's Museum

The Trolley

And I got to meet Mr. Rogers himself!
See photos on the BVW site — I'm the one on the left.