Kappa Chapter Presentations
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Kappa Chapter Presentations
3D Modeling / Rendering / Animation & Video Editing
Sept. 1996, Feb. 1997, and Sept. 1997

As a student at CMU, I was a member of the Kappa Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, a national service fraternity. I served two semesters as chapter Historian, which involved photographing chapter events. I compiled a selection of photographs into a series of three slideshow presentations highlighting the activities of the chapter for the past semester. The presentations were:

  • Here We Are, for the Spring 1996 semester
  • Here We Go Again, for the Fall 1996 semester
  • Our Vision, for the Spring 1997 semester

Each presentation was approximately 10-12 minutes in length, and featured photographs, music, and custom animated 3D models. The models were created with 3D Studio MAX 2.5, and video editing was performed with Adobe Premiere 4.2.

Still Image from "Our Vision"

Title Animation for "Our Vision"
(AVI format w/ audio, 11 MB, 26 sec.)