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What is this?

I read video game reviews... lots of video game reviews. I want to know if a game is worth my time and money. You can average scores from critics to get an idea of how good a game is, but critical opinions can sometimes be out of touch with "the common gamer" or affected by the hype around a game's release, when reviews are typically published.

I like the idea of a score, but I would rather have the opinions come from real gamers, with real expectations, and I want it after the hype has died down. Basically, I want to take a poll of all my friends who have played it. I want the Popular Opinion.

Popular Opinion is a simple weekly poll posted at Evil Avatar, a great gaming news and discussion site. Each poll is posted for one or two games at a time, and at least one month after the game's release date. The poll uses just four options to gauge opinion, listed below. The results are averaged and reported here. This is all completely non-scientific, but then again, so is asking a bunch of your friends. =)

How To Vote

The only condition for voting is that you must have played "most" (more than half) of the game. The options are:

Great! — similar to 90 and up from critics, which means "This is a special game that definitely deserves your attention."

Good — similar to 75-90 from critics, which means "This is a solid game, though not quite a must-play."

OK — similar to 60-75 from critics, which means "It's not good and it's not bad, and might be worth your time if you like this type of game."

Poor — similar to less than 60 from critics, which means "This has serious problems and you should probably avoid it."

NOTE: Prior to the poll of 11/26/07, the "OK" option was called "mediocre." The intent of the option is the same.

I hope you find this useful, and thanks for looking! Feel free to send me a private message at Evil Avatar with any feedback or suggestions for future polls.

— Mauricio, a.k.a. Sarconix

The style of this page is shamelessly borrowed from Evil Avatar.