Alventive 3D Viewer
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Alventive 3D Viewer
3D Application Software Development
January 2000 — Present

I was the project leader for Alventive's 3D Viewer. The 3D Viewer is an online view & markup solution for 3D CAD assemblies. It is a key component of the Alventive Collaborative Design Solutions (ACDS). The 3D Viewer runs inside a Web browser on a client computer as a Java applet, seamlessly integrating with the rest of ACDS.

As project leader, I was responsible for managing the project's development schedule and tasks. Three to five software engineers worked on the project at any given time. I also designed and implemented some of the product's functionality, such as the rendering subsystem and various user-interface components.

I implemented a preliminary version of the viewer as an ActiveX control with Visual C++, using Microsoft XSG for rendering. The product was then transitioned to Java, using the Java 3D API for rendering and a custom streaming file format for 3D data.

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